Training Programs

Online training module
CEMPROC offers online training modules. Click here to go to the portal On this page some online training modules, movieclips and other resources may be found. These files are intended to give you an impression of the work carried out by CEMPROC.

Community Leader Training in Conflict Resolution Skills
Training is the focus of CEMPROC's work in Latin America. To date, hundreds of people have received CEMPROC training through courses in Ecuador and the United States. By equipping local leaders with the skills needed to effectively and peacefully resolve individual and community conflicts, we can make progress toward a more peaceful society. CEMPROC's basic conflict resolution course includes modules on personal conflict management style, effective communication and listening, interpersonal conflicts, negotiation, dealing with and overcoming violence and trauma, and mediation, among other topics. In addition to the cognitive information presented in our courses, we focus on providing opportunities through simulations, open forums, and guided practice in real situations, all of which make it possible to translate the knowledge learned through our courses into actual attitude and behavior change in the lives of our students. These newly trained leaders will also become resources for others in their community, increasing the potential reach of our work.

Click here for an outline of CEMPROC's basic conflict resolution training course.
Previous participants in CEMPROC's community leader training courses have said:

“It was very practical and applicable to the reality of our culture and context.”

"This workshop has been very positive; it has increased my capacity for understanding and has raised my self-esteem."

"Personally, I feel very grateful for this new knowledge and understanding to be able to act within our daily lives and our organization. I thank you for your great willingness to help in our community. Thanks for everything."

Breaking Destructive Cycles
In June 2005, CEMPROC, the UN High Commission on Refugees and UN Development Fund for Women offices in Ecuador, the Center for Integrated Family Services, the Municipal Government of Ibarra, and a number of other partners initiated a series of training series and open dialogue forums for Colombian and Ecuadorian women who are leaders in their communities. In response to the conflict that is sometimes sparked between the two nationalities due to increased economic competition, crime, public health problems, and xenophobia, the program seeks to provide training in conflict resolution, leadership, human rights, and violence reduction, and to provide a safe space for honest and open dialogue. This project engaged the participants in active learning, empowering them with personal skills and understanding of peaceful conflict resolution techniques as well as providing them with a safe space to develop the leadership skills that they will need to enact peaceful and effective social change through their organizations, communities, families, and social networks. The seven-module training course, taught by specialized professionals from Ecuador, Colombia, and the United States, focused on violence, its origins, and techniques for de-escalation; effective communication; gender perspective on conflict and violence; personal conflict style; negotiation; mediation; and leadership and advocacy as mechanisms for achieving peace and social justice. The project was specifically designed to have impact beyond the immediate participants. In fact, participants were leaders in a variety of civil society formal and informal networks where they will be able to share what they have learned with others, significantly increasing the multiplier effects of the project. The program will have additional multiplier effects through the publication of the results of research that accompanied the program (see the Research Page) and through ongoing subsequent programs in Quito and other locations.

Newspaper article about the Breaking Cycles program in Ibarra, Ecuador

Pastors for Peace
In a region where conflict is often either suppressed or manifested violently and in which people often lack access to training and education in healthy, peaceful, and constructive conflict resolution, it is very important to empower those who are already spiritual guides in their community: pastors and church leaders. “Pastors for Peace” Program is a program in which individuals, groups, churches, or Sunday School classes have the unique opportunity to sponsor one or more Ecuadorian church leaders, providing the financial support for them to receive an intensive CEMPROC conflict resolution training course, materials, and follow up assistance. This program will be offered in partnership with the Center for Integrated Family Services, which will conduct a module helping participants address and overcome the trauma and pain they may have experienced during their lives; before we can help others find peace, we must first be at peace with ourselves. The donor receives a letter from the sponsored church leader, as well as an information packet with photos and a report of the training. The cost for one church leader to attend a three-day intensive course in their own community, based on a minimum attendance of twelve people, is $55 USD. Groups may sponsor as many leaders as they wish. If your group is interested in making it possible for one or more Ecuadorian church leaders to become a "Pastor for Peace," check out our support page!

Comments from previous Pastors for Peace participants have included:
“God bless you for the vision that you have in Ecuador and our communities.”

“I pray that God continues to use you to train many more people, because for me it has been a privilege. God bless you.”

“For me, it was a very important course that will help me, my family, the church, and the community. Thank you for sharing your teachings with us, and I pray that God continues to bless you.”