Study Abroad Programs

CEMPROC is dedicated to educating and raising awareness among college students with respect to peace, conflict, social justice, leadership, and the like. By designing customized programs that meet the needs of specific college groups, we are able to offer high-quality, hands-on educational opportunities that supplement the academic experience in students' own universities.

Reality Trip in Environmental Justice and Conflict Resolution: Alternative Spring Break
We offer a practical, hands-on Environmental Conflict Spring Break Reality Trip as an alternative spring break in which students visit spend a week in Ecuador, exploring environmental justice and conflict resolution first hand. Participants will hear from government policymakers and community leaders involved in environmental conflict, especially in the context of Ecuadorian rainforest and petroleum disputes. More importantly, students will visit the lush cloud forest, vibrant jungle, and the frigid paramo, investigating for themselves and conversing with the local community in the actual sites of past environmental conflicts. These may include the site of an oil spill in a key lake that provides drinking water or the incursion of petroleum companies onto traditional indigenous territories and natural resources, among others. Ecudor and You. Step out of the classroom and into life!