The following links may be of interest to those interested in CEMPROC. We include these links for your information only, and make no recommendation or claim of relationship with CEMPROC.

  • Association for Conflict Resolution, the leading professional organization for confict resolution practitioners.
  • CR, an excellent site for a variety of conflict resolution resources and links
  • Municipal Government of Ibarra, Ecuador,
    The Ciudad Educadora in the Municipal Government of Ibarra, Ecuador, has collaborated with CEMPROC on many joint programs, including several children's conflict resolution courses and a training and dialogue series on leadership, conflict resolution, and human rights for Colombian and Ecuadorian women. Thanks to coordinator Jorge Luis and the rest of the team in Ibarra for making CEMPROC's programs in this city possible!
  • Institute for International Mediation and Conflict Resolution,
    IIMCR sponsors international conflict resolution symposia every year in different parts of the world to teach students and young professionals vital conflict resolution, mediation, and negotiation skills, targeted toward a regional and international focus. The IIMCR 2003 Latin American symposium was one of the inspirations which led to CEMPROC's creation.
  • Proyecto ABA/USAID de Mediación en México,
    This initiative has been able to work as a catalyst in the implementation of court-annexed mediation services all over Mexico. There are now 19 court annexed mediation centers in the different states in Mexico serving communities and giving more access to expedite justice in conflicts in which the traditional legal path can be avoided by providing an arena for a possible win/win situation. The project has provided technical assitance, basic mediation training, train the trainer courses, design, management and operation of mediation center workshops, workshops on legislation (in mediation), etc. Five states in Mexico have their own Mediation Law already operating, some others have reformed their constutition and "Ley organica del Poder Judicial", others have opted for a reform in their Civil Codes and some others are operating through an agreement of the State Tribunal's plenium.

  • Servants in Faith and Technology,
    SIFAT is an international nonprofit development agency, operating on Christian principles, which focuses on training community leaders in developing countries in appropriate technologies, public health issues, and other practical skills to raise the standard of living for their communities. During the first eight months of CEMPROC's existence, SIFAT acted as a nonprofit fiscal sponsor for us, and we continue to collaborate closely with them on compatible programming.

  • Alliance for Conflict Transformation,
    The Alliance for Conflict Transformation (ACT), Inc. is dedicated to expanding the knowledge and practice of conflict transformation and peacebuilding within U.S. and international communities.
    ACT is an alliance of skilled professionals with advanced degrees and over 50 years of collective professional experience and expertise in community building and conflict resolution. We recognize that conflict is an inseparable part of human interaction. When addressed effectively, it can lead to peaceful and positive change. ACT helps people transform destructive conflicts by addressing underlying needs and concerns, building sustainable relationships, and changing the contexts and conditions that foster violence.