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Programs in Ecuador
Children are the leaders of the future. By equipping them at an early age with peaceful conflict resolution skills and by teaching them the value of nonviolence, we can begin a process of positive change that will continue to produce benefits for generations to come. CEMPROC offers a children's program, "Conflict Resolution for Kids", translated and adapted from the curriculum created by Dr. Pamela S. Lane, in which small, mixed-age groups of children learn through fun activities, simple, concrete ideas, and above all, positive reinforcement of appropriate, peaceful, and effective conflict resolution techniques. With the help of their "wheel of strategies", children will learn to solve every day problems through clear and effective communication, sharing, and even mediation. Already extensively field tested in the U.S., the curriculum has been adapted and and translated by CEMPROC for use in Ecuador. CEMPROC has carried out conflict resolution programs for hundreds of children in Quito and surrounding areas. This five session program, in which each session lasts an hour and a half, is available to schools, churches, neighborhood groups, or anyone else wishing to instill positive lessons in tomorrow's leaders. The Spanish-language facilitator's guide and resource kit is also available for purchase by teachers, counselors, church leaders, after school program workers, or others wishing to teach the program in their locale. Through parental involvement in the graduation ceremony, families are invited to take the lessons learned in the program and apply them in everyday life.

Watch a 10 minute video (in Spanish) on CEMPROC's program, "Conflict Resolution for Kids"

Kids' Program Poster: Maneras de Escuchar

Newspaper article on CEMPROC Kids' Program in Ecuador

Program Logic Model (Spanish) for CEMPROC Kids' Program

Some other documents, developed by students from the University of Georgia that can be used by primary school teachers may be found here:

CempROCK! Songs about peace for Kids - Songbook

CempROCK! Songs about peace for Kids - Song1

CempROCK! Songs about peace for Kids - Song2

CempROCK! Songs about peace for Kids - Song3

Lesson Plans for Teachers

Seeds of Peace: Children's Conflict Resolution Programs in Forsyth County, GA
Building on its successes in Ecuador, CEMPROC has initiated a new series of conflict resolution programs for children in Forsyth County, GA in the United States. Instructor Any Stevens has gotten this program off to a good start with an initial program for an all-female group of children. Also, CEMPROC hosted the first of a series of trainers' academies for Spanish-speaking adults who will be able to teach the kids' course. Thanks to support from Target and the North Georgia Conference of the United Methodist Church, this program will continue to expand over the coming year.